Friday, November 25, 2016

Weed Coffee Roasting - Weed, California -

I enjoyed Weed Coffee Roasting for one of several reasons. First, the way the bags were lined up in the box was very eye catching. I know that seems weird. After all, the way bags are lined up in a box shouldn't matter. Much more emphasis is placed on the quality or look of the products themselves rather than how they're presented. I think that's wrong. I think more companies need to go out of their way to make their products look better and not just in the packaging.

I have mentioned several times that I love the way a product's packaging looks. I feel like it's awesome when a company chooses to perfect their products in every sense of the word. Every company needs to approach their business in this way. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many companies have sent me products with some of the most creative designs I have seen anywhere and not just in the world of coffee.

When I opened the box that contained their products, I was greeted with the most magnificent smell. I always know I'm in for a treat with a certain type of coffee by the way it smells. Out of all the kinds they sent me, I liked their XX Mud variety the most. The smell of that coffee was so bold I had to crack the bag open and brew myself a pot immediately. The resulting coffee was so dark it was almost demonic...but in a good way. I was flying high for the rest of the day after drinking a couple more cups.

As I opened bag after bag, I was taken into a world of wonderful tasting, smooth coffees. I didn't know what to think going into testing their coffee. I had never heard of Weed Coffee Roasting before. I wish I had heard about them sooner. I would've had more time to indulge myself and make their coffee a more prominent part of my life.

I continue to savor what's left of the package I got from Weed Coffee Roasting like it's the last coffee they will ever make. I don't know how much longer it will last. What I do know is I will enjoy every minute of it. I hope that I can establish some sort of relationship with Weed Coffee Roasting and this review is just the first in a series of many.

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