Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Fancy Accent Tea Company - Grayland, Washington -

The Fancy Accent Tea Company was one of the few companies that left me wanting more. They sent over a sampler of a number of their flavors. I was worried when I picked out my first blend. The bag felt light and only had a small amount of tea in it. I dipped it into some hot water. The resulting tea tasted great, but it was dreadfully weak. The same thing happened with all subsequent tastings. I had to resort to combining several flavors into the same cup to get tea that was anywhere close to how strong I like it.

Apparently, The Fancy Tea Company has a loose leaf option, which would have been better for this review. Rather than taking a hard stance and saying negative about this company, I am going to render this review inconclusive. This means that I made a good faith effort to test this product and my results were underwhelming due to the lack of materials I had available. I hope to revisit this company if they’re willing to send more materials for a subsequent review. I understand if they refused to do so. It took me a long time to come to this conclusion because I felt that this company deserved that respect.

I apologize to The Fancy Tea Company for being unable to make any declaration regarding their product. They are ran by some of the nicest people I have ever come across. I blame myself for not being specific enough about what I needed to complete my tests. I like to leave the decision making process up to the companies I’m contacting. Perhaps that was a mistake. In the future, I will specify which products I want and the quantity I need of each of them. I don’t like doing this because it makes me feel like I’m being bossy.

This post is not the last you will hear from me about The Fancy Tea Company. I never reach out to the company with the idea of doing anything other than completing a review I’m happy with. This doesn’t mean that I’m incapable of delivering a bad review of a company. On the contrary, I am nothing but 100% honest with every word I put on the page.

I will denounce a company if they’re worthy of being denounced. The problem is that everyone in this industry knows what they’re doing. This puts me in a position where I am tasked to describe various shades of excellence. I feel like The Fancy Tea Company is just as excellent as many of its competitors.  

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