Friday, September 16, 2016

Xtraction Coffee: Good to the Last Drop

Xtraction Coffee is a unique organization because their cold brew is their flagship product. I had a good time working through their coffee, but somehow I was left wanting more…coffee. And that's a good thing. I have had coffees in my life that were a struggle to finish. I tried as hard as I could to finish them to no avail. All I was left with was coffee collecting dust on a nearby shelf. To me, that's tragic. That's not the case with Xtraction Coffee.

I am usually wary of any kind of coffee that's flavored. Too many coffee producers like to load their blends with artificial flavors that tend to stick out. The coffee almost becomes unenjoyable to drink because all you can taste is what the producer wanted you to taste, not the coffee you’re supposed to be enjoying. Xtraction Coffee has a hazelnut coffee that is not like that at all. I felt like the coffee and hazelnut flavorings were well balanced with one another. I savored each sip of this kind because I was stunned at how they were able to pull off this flavoring so well.

Xtraction Coffee is a company that's well deserving of more attention than they’re receiving. I’m not saying I’m the guy that's going to get that attention for them. I will do my best to sing their praises in the hopes that someone else will be able to glom on to my enthusiasm and give them a try for themselves.

As I sit here writing this article, I’m forlorn because I know I don’t have any Xtraction Coffee in my fridge. I kept one bottle around for a while because I knew that this moment was coming. Every time I opened the fridge that bottle looked me right in the eyes and dared me to drink it. I resisted the urge for so long before I had to give in. Once I put the empty botle down, I realized what had happened. I didn’t care because I enjoyed every minute I spent drinking this coffee.

I know you will feel the same. Order some today.

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